Saturday 18 October 2008

The Village of Harse

Allegiance: City of Korvosa
Location: North of Korvosa, at the confluence of the Sarwin and Falcon Rivers and on the Silver Road between Korvosa and Janderhoff.
Population: about 200 in the village itself, around 600 more in the ranches and farms in the vicinity, mostly human, small community of halflings, many dwarven travellers.
Trades: Horse trading, also earns money from being a comfortable overnight halt on the two day journey from Janderhoff to Korvosa.

Nearest neighbours:
Palin's Cove, 13 miles downstream along the Falcon River
Crystalrock Fort, 19 miles up the Falcon River
Baselwief, 18 miles up the Sarwin River
Janderhoff, 30 miles north along the Silver Road
Korvosa, 25 miles south along the Silver Road

Worship - A small church dedicated to Erastil, staffed by 2 priests. There is a shrine to Desna, unstaffed but regularly tended by travellers and a shrine to Torag at the back of the Silver Pony.
Supplies - Harse Bridles (riding equipment), Illaro's Equipment (general adventuring equipment), there is a blacksmith's in the village, but he does not produce armour or weaponry. The Harse Market (finest horse trading market in Varisia)
Places to Stay - Most well-to-do merchants stay at the Silver Pony which has a fine reputation particularly with dwarves. The Nag Bag is less pleasant, but is conveniently located to wait for the ferry over the Falcon.

Law and Order:
Harse is a widely spread community and so is not walled. Neither does it have a standing defence force. The Sable Company have a base at Crystalrock Fort and patrols the local area. A travelling Arbiter comes to the village for a couple of days every month to handle disputes. Minor crimes are dealt with by the mayor and a jury of local people, people accused of more serious crimes are sent back to Korvosa.

Other Notes of Interest
The Harse Rides are a festival of horse races and rodeo held in the third week of Desnus. During that week, the population of Harse triples in size and the Korvosan Guard send a detachment of officers to deal with the visitors.

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