Saturday 18 October 2008

Curse of the Crimson Throne Episode 8

Episode 8 Recap:
  • The early part of the session was the planning of the rescue of Trinia Sabor from her scheduled execution.
  • Artimus arranged the use of a "safe house" by a sewage outflow from the Spider King, he did pledge a favour in return.
  • Shiever set up a fireworks display to distract the crowd and guards.
  • Jonathan had the task of opening a manhole for Balasar to escape with Trinia into the sewers.
  • Meanwhile Balasar was mingling in the VIP grandstand, meeting up with Commandant Marcus Endrin of the Sable Company and got himself an chance to join up with them.
  • The Queen gave a moving speech on how the assassin's death would lead to a new start for Korvosa but then a small figure appeared on an inn's roof overlooking Domina Square. Gimble, for it was he fired a grapple down into the platform and slid down to the square dressed in a Blackjack outfit.
  • None of the party noticed the Executioner (the "real" Blackjack) knocking out the guards and untying Trinia. He then gave a retort denouncing the Queen and using some kind of magic to teleport him back to the inn
  • Blackjack and Gimble took Jonathan and Balasar's planned escape route and escaped the Castle Guard.

Aftermath of the Rescue
  • Public reaction is mixed, most people do support the Queen and believe that Trinia was the assassin, but Blackjack's always been a hero of Korvosa so he wouldn't rescue an assassin if she wasn't innocent.
  • The Queen is reportedly in rage at the ineptitude of her Castle Guard. Two days later, she officially dissolves the Castle Guard, firing some of the Guard, transferring the rest to the Korvosan Guard and setting up a new Royal Guard under the command of General Merrin.
  • Blackjack left Trinia in the care of Vencarlo and Vencarlo asked the party to escort Trinia to a friend of his in Harse.
  • The party skirted a small swamp to get to Harse, and were attacked by a very young, but still dangerous Black Dragon. They managed to defeat the dragon and keep Trinia safe.

Experience Totals
  • Artimus 3,505
  • Shiever 3,255
  • Balasar 3,230
  • Hendel 2,422 (now level 3)
  • Jonathan 1,653

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