Saturday 4 October 2008

Artimus's Journal Part 2

[Written by Jaime, Artimus's player, after Curse of the Crimson Throne Episode 6]

((The journal continues a few pages after the last entries, the pages in between filled with random jotting of pieces of information and questions that did not yet have answers, but all were written in strange symbols unreadable to most and the questions were only known to be questions by their question marks at the end.))

My patience with the guard is wearing thin. One of my recent 'missions' sent me into the dark depths of the Korvosian sewer system where an array of pungant smells made me almost vomit. It is here that I and my collegues suffered defeat at the hands of a flesh golem, a being made from the bodies of the recently dead.

It appears that an old student of the acadamae, Noark, who was expelled for a reason unknown to me is behidn the creation of this flesh golem and the thievery of the bodies used to create it from the pauper's crypt.

I ventured to the acadamae and asked an old teacher of mine that i have great respect for but he didn't know anything about Noark's expulsion - only that it was because the acadamae 'doesn't like scandal' which I found strange as usually gifted students of necromancy are supplied test subjects to sue and the reason Noark was expelled seemedto be related to his aquiring of bodies...

But I digress.

I attended the trial of the deserter that we apprehended. The defense lawyers he had appeared to be very good, the kind that he would not be able to afford and it was obvious to me that the Judge was under some form of pressure. I feel that Verminda Arcona, the woman who had given a dagger to the ex-guard as he had told me before he had been turned to stone by the dagger, had a hand in this. This makes me more suspicious, as it seems to me that she wouldn't have bothered saving him from death if he wasn't in some way important or wanted to use him for another purpose... This may have some relevence to what Gigax had told me but I can't make a definate link yet.

Croft came looking for us not long after the trial and sent us to recover a girl who had been accused of killing the king to interrogate. When we went to her house to egt her she attempted to escape over the rooftops but she was no match for my magic and I simply put her to sleep and we soon caught up and restrained her. I thought to myself at the time and I still think now that she was far too weak and helpless to have committed such a crime, and the times when she was at the castle and the time of the king's death had no correlation to each other. I'm waiting to see what happens next but I am preoccupied with finding Noark.

However, something has been bothering me. I once heard that the Headmaster of the acadamae didn't not get to his position through the normal route. Apparently the summoning and binding of the powerful demon was rigged in some way... Gigax told me that a powerful demon was seeking to gather power in Korvosa. if this demon was the same as the one who made the deal with Toff to get him his position, then that is a powerfula nd influential part of Korvosa itself and the acadamae was sealed off shortly after the kings death and ignored the queen's pleas for help which is a little strange...
I hope that the headmaster has not been corrupted or else I have a hard battle ahead of me if I am to use Gigax to find what I want.

Also, while my tiefling friend was trying to find out information about Noark he discovered two interesting things. One, that there have been dissappearences in old Korvosa lately - this may be linked to noark and it is the next lead that I will investigate. And two, after the recent incarceration of the king of spiders (who we had to visit for a mission prior to the flesh golem incident and someone I enjoyed the company of immensely) there has been another who has been trying to muscle onto his turf. I wish to offer my services to the king of spiders, and perhaps help him out of this current predicament as having someone like him owing me a favour may prove useful in the future. But currently I am preoccupied.

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