Wednesday 22 October 2008

Back to Magic

I've dabbled in and out of Magic since about '95 and have managed to be Top 8 in the County Champs of 2006 and 2007 (although that county being Somerset that's a little less impressive than it can be) but I've been a bit out of the game for the past year.

But tonight saw my return to Mimm's Friday Night Magic (yes, I know it's Wednesday, long story). I bought two theme decks of Shards of Alara and mashed them together for the following deck:

Lands (26)
10 Swamp
4 Island
4 Mountain
4 Crumbling Necropolis
4 Grixis Panorama

Creatures (18)
4 Fire-Field Ogre UBR1
4 Kederekt Creeper UBR
4 Incurable Ogre R3
2 Blood Cultist BR1
2 Vein Drinker BB4
2 Dregscape Zombie B1

Other Cards (16)
4 Agony Warp UB
4 Terror B1
4 Blightning BR1
2 Obelisk of Graxis 3
2 Cruel Ultimatium UUBBBRR

General idea of the deck is to swing in with creatures after Agony Warp and Terror has cleared the field, Kederekt Creeper has good 2 for 1 potential given that opponents have to block it with at least two creatures.

Round 1 - vs Mike (playing a Blue Millstoning Deck)
Mike took me down in game 1 with Sanity Grinding taking 20 and 22 cards out of my library and then casting a 3rd one when I had only 5 cards left. Game 2 saw no Sanity Grindings, but an old fashioned beat down with Oona, Queen of the Fae soon won the game very easily for Mike. (0-1)

Round 2 - vs Michael (playing a Black-Red Goblin Burn deck)
This round wasn't very fun for Michael, he got severely mana screwed in game 1, having only a Mountain and Shimmering Grotto for the whole game. The second game was closer, but a lack of goblins meant that the Creeper and the Fire-Field Ogre easily swung for the win. (1-1)

Round 3 - vs Ross (playing a White Green Exalted deck)
Although I lost 0-2, both games were close damage races until Elspeth, Knight-Errant and the Battlegrace Angels showed up to the battle. The stars of my deck were against the Kederekt Creeper and Fire-Field Angels, so they will definitely stay in my deck for next week. Good to end the week on a good note. (1-2)

Overall thoughts - Again, I was reminded why I do and don't like Magic, out of the six games I played, 4 were pretty boring and one-sided, with only the two against Ross being fun, but those two games really were fun. I'll be back again next Wednesday for another FNM.

Update: By the way, congrats Dani for her FNM win!

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