Friday 26 September 2008

Artimus's Journal Part 1

[Written by Jaime, Artimus's player after Curse of the Crimson Throne Episode 5]

It's been a while since I wrote in here so I believe it's time for a recap. The last time I wrote in here I portrayed for you the feeling of anger i had to bear as the book that I had sought for fifty years had been stolen from me by a mere pick pocket! it was then that i turned to the god Ioun and sought guidance. It was then that I heard the divine voice inside my mind.

'Cailin, seek out the ones who bend the arcana to their will and learn what there is to know. This will be the stepping stone you need to achieve your goals'

It wasn't a huge leap to realize that it was in reference to the academy in the city that I had found myself, the foul city of Korvosa where the streets were dingy and ridden with thieves and there were those who openly worshipped Asmodeus.

And so, for ten long years I found myself studying the arcana, something I hadn't done since I was a new born in the feywild and I found myself discovering a power that must've been asleep inside me all of this time. To document what exactly I did within those walls may incure the wrath of a man that would be best to avoid at this time so I shall leave it to your imagination. What I will say, is that when I left I had a sense of power I hadn't felt before, and a new name... Artemis.

((There's a gap of about a quarter of a page as the next paragraphs are started on a fresh page))

It wasn't long after this that i found myself swept up into a crazy turn of events. The house I had purchased witht he money i'd collected in my travels a hundred years prior to arriving in korvosa had been infiltrated while i was visiting the Academy's Library for research and elft there was a strange Tarot card with a message on the back that told me to go somewhere and meet someone. Out of sheer curiousity I found myself in a lower-class area of the city and meeting a rag-tag bunch of misfits. A dragonborn with apparent great honour, a halfling with no honour whatsoever, a quite tiefling that looked extremely familiar, a very strange man who appeared to bear the signs of a worshipper of bahamut (lous and annoying!) and a gypsy who revealed herself as the person behind the message that brought me there.

I had been summoned because this gypsy had heard about the book that was stolen from me and had a lead on who had taken it. It seemed that the great god was right in telling me to train as a wizard for I would not have met this woman if I hadn't. The group was soon off on some sort of quest to take down the man who had taken from me what I held so dear.

We were told that this man, Vildeforts, was holed up in a fishery on the docks and so after scouting it out we raided it, myself and the halfling sneaking around the back and caught the man in a pincer attack. He didn't seem to put up much of a fight and even seemed to beg for death as the halfling impaled him. This was a setback, I had planned to torture the man until he revealed the location of my book but at this point I had no choice but to sever his head for later use in a speak with dead ritual to find what I wanted.

It was after vildeforts had been slain and we left the fishery that we found the city rioting. The king was Dead.

((Again theres a gap, the next paragraphs on a fresh page signalling a time gap in the entries, though the 'dates' are written in symbols illegible to most))

The City has been rioting for a few days now and i find myself in a very strange position. I am still with the misfits that I had been stuck with to kill Vildeforts and we seem to have found ourselves 'volunteering' our services to the Guard of Korvosa on behalf of the queen.

We've already dealt with a deserter captain and his compatriots who had holed themselves up in an old butchers, giving out free meat made from dead people who had done wrong to the city. On the upside the guard is paying for us to stay in an inn.

But the workings of the guard does not interest me. I am using this position to help me learn more about where my book may have been taken after I found the academy sealed off to outsiders. I have had to abandon my plan of speaking with the dead man, a ritual i ahve not yet learnt for myself.

Fortunately the Tiefling in our group has identified himself as an old student of the academy and has even gone as far as to introduce me to the demon that he has a pact with. By making a deal with this demon I have ensured that when Vildeforts's soul arrives on the other side that I can find out what I want to know. However there is a downside, I must discover who has killed the King, for someone important in the city is being influenced by a powerful demon and this minor demon, Gigax, whats to know who. If Demon's are involved in the killing of the king then this city is in dire peril and i msut find out immediately what is happening or the city may be destroyed before I find what I'm after...

All I know right now is this. Something is Rotten in the City of Korvosa.