Monday 20 October 2008

Elf Laser Clerics

Normally, when I get to play Dungeons & Dragons I create a character to fit the party, for example creating Thalgrim the dwarf fighter for Living Forgotten Realms after reading reports from Gencon that LFR was very striker heavy. But when Felix offered to run one of his themed adventures for Halloween it was a chance not only to play in a very cool adventure, but also a chance to try out one of the power builds.

Enter the Elf Laser Cleric - I don't know who came up with the term, but Laser comes from the Level 1 at-will power Lance of Faith which produces a "brilliant ray of light which sears your foe". Sweet. Lance of Faith, along with it's cousin Sacred Flame are both Wisdom attacks, Wisdom makes your healing better through Healer's Lore (add wisdom modifier to the healing of any healing powers) and the Elf does get a +2 wisdom bonus. But there's another big reason to choose the Elf and that's Elven Accuracy.

Elven Accuracy is an encounter power which grants elves an attack reroll, the feat Elven Precision boosts that by giving the reroll a +2 untyped bonus. For example from yesterday's adventure, Sarwin dropped a Daunting Light on a Ghoul that had just snuck up on him. Ghouls have Reflex 20, which gave the +9 attack a 50/50 chance of succeeding, but you don't want to waste your encounter power, so Elven Precision gives the reroll, if needed a 60% chance of hitting, all together that gives an 80% chance of hitting. Take 2d10+1d8+7 radiant damage to the chops, Ghoul.

Wait, where does the 1d8 damage come from? That's from Hunter's Quarry, usable from the crossclass feat Warrior of the Wild. Although errata has nerfed the ability slightly, it's only from too good to very good. With Warrior of the Wild, Sarwin gets Hunter's Quarry once per encounter which lasts until the end of his next turn, that's two rounds of potentially doing an extra 1d6 damage, Elven Accuracy/Precision helps there as well. The elven Speed 7 helps make sure the bad guy is the closest enemy and ignoring difficult terrain should work to the elf's advantage too. I did make a mistake by picking up Lethal Hunter to increase HQ dice from 1d6 to 1d8 instead of Astral Fire which would add +1 feat bonus damage to all radiant or fire powers (ie pretty much all of them). The other bonus to picking Warrior of the Wild is that it opens Perception to pick up as a trained skill, increasing Sarwin's passive perception to 24 (10 + 5 trained + 5 wisdom + 2 half level + 2 racial bonus)

I didn't know that Felix was going to place his adventure in the Forgotten Realms, so the selection of Impiltur (use Wisdom instead of Constitution for starting hit points) as Sarwin's home region was just a bonus, but you don't turn down 6 extra hit points do you.

Sarwin, Level 5 Elf Cleric
Strength 10 (+0/+2)
Constitution 14 (+2/+4)
Dexterity 14 (+2/+4)
Intelligence 8 (-1/+1)
Wisdom 20 (+5/+7)
Charisma 14 (+2/+4)

Hit Points 40
AC 19, Fortitude 15, Reflex 17, Will 20
Wisdom Attacks +9

Elven Precision
Warrior of the Wild
Lethal Hunter

Exalted Chainmail +1
Holy Symbol of Kelemvor +2
Everlasting Provisions
Amulet of Health +1

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