Friday 24 October 2008

Living Forgotten Realms Changes (23/10/08)

The new character generation guidelines (version 1.7) have been released for download from the Wizards site. There are some important changes:

  • All backgrounds in the FR Players Guide are now legal, not just the 12 LFR regions. Existing characters cannot change their background, but all new characters can take advantage of that.
  • You can now purchase any equipment from Adventurer's Vault or Dragon Magazine without getting special access. Remember if you want to buy a magic item, you can still only buy an item of your level or lower.
  • In addition to having to play a Lawful Good, Good or Unaligned character your character is now prohibited from worshipping an Evil or Chaotic Evil deity.
  • If you have a Channel Divinity feat from the Player's Handbook you must exchange that for the appropriate Channel Divinity feat in the FR Player's Guide (as the gods in the PHB are different to the gods in the FRPG). I don't think that effects anyone at our tables but if it does, download the sheet and look at the chart.
  • If you're lucky enough to have a chance to pick up an item 5 or more levels above your character level, you are now allowed to pick it but not use it until your character is within 4 levels of the item. Before you couldn't pick it at all.
  • Everything in Martial Power, Player's Handbook II and Arcane Power will be legal for LFR play, you can play things in Martial Power from 18th November, Players Handbook II from 17th March and Arcane Power from 21st April.

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