Sunday 19 October 2008

Sarwin's Journal: Felix's Halloween Adventure Part 1

[Felix ran a Halloween themed game for 5th level characters, I decided on an Elf Laser Cleric with Warrior of the Wild for the Hunter's Quarry feature which was a bit unfair as we were expecting a lot of undead but was a good test of the cleric]

Hallow Graveyard was on the site of the battle of a great battle where a good force from Waterdeep destroyed Morkhaine's undead army. The evil army were left where they lay and Morkhaine's evil lingered. Every year on the annisversary of that battle, some undead rise and try to free Morkhaine's soul and allow the necromancer back onto the mortal plane. It was our job to stop that.

After some research in a well-stocked library, we travelled to the overgrown cemetary, little used since the battle. Although it was still afternoon, a mist had descended on the graveyard and through the mist, we spotted some of the undead, the townsfolk tales were proven true. The wight did not last long, Kelemvor's Daunting Light damaged it mightily and a couple of Sacred Flames soon sent it to it's rest.

Searching the graveyard, we encountered a phantasm of an old soldier, telling us about Morkhaine's resting place. There in an old diseased tree was a hole, leading to a spiral staircase made of the bones of the fallen. Talmar rushed in and fell to the bottom of the stairway where there was a door made into the shape of a coffin. Through that door was another nest of skeletons and ghouls which seemed to emerge from the bone walls. A fight happened which thanks to Kelemvor we were victorious, though sorely injured we decided to rest for a time before going on to face the necromancer himself.

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