Tuesday 16 June 2009

National Delegate Conference Day 1

Dave Prentis's keynote had been quietly hyped at the Regional meeting last night, so quietly that I didn't mention it but wow, I wasn't expecting this.
Mr Prentis told delegates that the union’s Labour Link “is an integral part of our union”. But to roars of agreement he continued: “Our members are tired of feeding the hand that bites them.”

And the conference gave a standing ovation when he called on the Labour Link to suspend constituency payments, ensure that the next manifesto does not continue privatisation of public services and “ensure that our union only promotes and supports prospective Labour candidates who are willing to stand up for our values of public service.”
I certainly applauded that, though I would go further, I'm Labour, proudly Labour, but those so-called Labour MPs who has been on the fiddle, tax-avoiding and living the high life with our money? I think they should be forced to step down and barred from standing for Labour ever again. In the coming general election, every candidate Labour stands should be clean, honest and devoted to Labour ideals, that's not too much to ask for at least?

As it happens, I had the privilege of listening to two such people, one a current MP (Kelvin Hopkins), and one who should be standing for parliament (Susan Press) at the LRC/LEAP fringe meeting at lunchtime. They were both inspiring and gave me hope that there is decency still in the Labour Party. More of that sort of candidate please Labour Party.

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