Tuesday 9 June 2009

More on the Somerset Elections

Interesting to read of the other side of the Somerset County Elections with this piece by William Rees-Mogg in the Times, getting some advertising for his daughter, Annunziata who is the Tory PPC in Somerton & Frome.

While most of it is predictable fluff, Rees-Mogg does get to a bit of truth with this comment.
"The virtual disappearance of the Labour vote is quite remarkable. After all, Labour won Frome as long ago as 1929. Where are the Labour voters now?"
While any 1929 electors would be at least 101 years old now, you don't need to go that far back to find some Labour success in Frome. In the mid 90s Labour ran Frome Town Council, and no less a person than Jim Knight represented a Frome seat at Mendip District. Just as in Yeovil, there are Labour voters in Frome, all the Labour Party needs to do is give them a reason to vote Labour.

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