Friday 12 June 2009

Bloody Hell McDonnell

At the risk of boring everyone - it's full disclosure time - I did support John McDonnell's bid for the Labour leadership in 2007 and joined the LRC. I still support the LRC's policy platform and I will be attending the LRC/LEAP fringe at UNISON Conference on Tuesday (there will be a blogpost on that).

Saying all that, what the bloody hell does John McDonnell think he's doing with his idiotic piece in the Guardian's Comment is Free today.

It would be a fine socialist day if and when Gordon Brown did implement all the policies detailed in that piece and I absolutely agree with John that the Labour Government should be doing them but threatening to throw the toys out of the pram if Brown doesn't is just not the right way to go.

The Populus poll for the Times this morning showed that 44% of people would prefer a Labour government, against 42% prefering a Tory government, but only 26% would actually vote Labour. Our task is to get to that 18% of the electorate who want Labour, but won't vote for us. Sure as eggs are eggs they won't be tempted into voting Labour by the sight of Labour MPs forgetting about them and fighting over the Premiership.

Hell, even Hazel Blears has realised (somewhat late) that we need one united party going into the next election. Surely John, you don't want people thinking Blears has more savvy than you? Forget about being the next leader and concentrate on saving Britain from the disaster that would be a Tory government.


susan press said...

I think you've got it the wrong way round. What John was saying, rightly, is that if Brown does not change his policies then Labour is going to be in an even worse position. And that for Labour Mps to survive in that case then maybe they will have to make it clear where they stand on issues like privatisation and Trident etc etc. The Left did not join in the Blairite coup because it was purely personal and vindictive. But you cannout, surely, expect Mps to stay schtum in the interests of a bogus "unity" which will only cost us even more at the GE.Brown has an opportunity to change. Let's hope he takes it.

Andy DM said...

I agree with everything you say Susan, but why did John have to say that he wants to challenge for the leadership if Brown doesn't do it. That piece allows the right to blame the left for what they themselves are guilty of.

If Brown doesn't take the opportunity that the self-exile of the Blairites has created, then it's the electorate that will throw him out, not McDonnell.

Still looking forward to hearing you speak in Brighton on Tuesday.