Tuesday 9 June 2009

Hope not Hate

I thought that Not in my name was silly when applied to the war in Iraq, it's even worse when applied to the BNP getting elected. Of course Griffin and Bron aren't going to Brussels in my name, if I supported the BNP I would have voted for them. I didn't, therefore I don't support them. On the Hope Not Hate page it says,
"Sign our petition - show you stand against racism and division"
I've got a lot of time for Hope not Hate and I do stand against racism and division. I am disgusted that we're sending two fascists to the European Parliament, but I don't respond to moral blackmail and I'm not signing your silly petition.

The BNP did persuade enough people that they weren't normal politicians in a climate where politicians are held in low esteem. Instead of doing petitions, we ought to be keeping them under scrunity at Brussels, publishing their record in Parliament where they won't be able to duck difficult questions. My feeling is that they will be shown up to be useless and greedy and in five years time they will have no record to show their electors to explain why they should be returned.

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